The second residential solar revolution has begun – home battery energy storage. Affordable solar + storage has arrived and will play a massive role in the future functioning of Australia’s power grid.

While the option to buy home energy storage has been possible for a number of years, prices of deep cycle batteries and other components required have been high, the equipment cumbersome and required a degree of knowledge to operate and maintain. This has meant residential energy storage has been largely confined to off-grid applications and storage enthusiasts up until now.

The rapid drop in prices and emergence of new tech batteries and associated software apps is changing all that. The new generation of solar energy storage is cheaper to buy, more cost-effective, streamlined and better looking.
Plug and play, set-and-forget solar battery power for homes is now a reality. However, which of these new battery technologies is best? Lithium-Ion gets a lot of press courtesy of Elon Musk and Tesla. But what about Zinc-Bromine? Or Zinc-Air?

Like with any new technology, no-one can decide which of these emerging options is the best way forward. As they say, watch this space. The moment Tesla released its Powerwall, industry experts began debating. Questions like depth of discharge, number of cycles before replacement, potential fire or environmental hazards.

It’s important when investigating storage options to ask several questions:

  • How many cycles before replacement?
  • Length of warranty?
  • Cost? How long before paid off?
  • Safety?
  • Installation pre-requisites?
  • Potential environmental hazard if casing is pierced?
  • How much storage do I need?
  • Can I maintain power supply in a black out?

There’s a lot of your money at stake and you should do as much homework as possible before handing over your hard earned. Don’t buy a Powerwall because one day you’d like to drive a Tesla.

At Powervault Global, we’ve been working with Off Grid solar for years now, so know a thing or two about batteries. We can advise the best solution for your situation based around the above questions. We do not have any commercial agreements or commission deals with any single supplier of either panels, inverters or batteries. Our core responsibility is to provide our customers with the best possible solar and storage system available. Couple that with our industry leading service and after sale service and you can rest easy knowing our expertise and unbiased approach will ensure you invest in the best solution for you.