Rooftop solar systems are the most common type of solar installation due to the fact most roofs are directly exposed to the suns rays and most roofs do not have obstacles to hinder the suns work.

Powervault Global has installed rooftop systems as small as 3kW (12 panels) right up to massive 1mW systems (4000 panels). Whatever the size, the science is the same.


Each customer circumstance is unique so our Consultative Process ensures the correct solution is presented to each individuals needs or desires. Through a series of questions, our consultants determine what is the best fit for you and designs the most practical solar solution for you. As part of our commitment to industry leading service, we will advise if and when a particular system may not be right for you due to shading or orientation concerns, for example. Unfortunately, there are still many solar companies out there that are ‘loose with the truth’ and will hard sell you into a product that is totally unsuitable for you.

We only use the best performing panels, inverters and mounting kits with our installations, ensuring you get the most out of your system for as long as possible. Our outstanding warranties on all components as well as workmanship and installation warranties give you further peace of mind.