Until recently, Off Grid solar systems were mainly found in remote access rural areas where the reliability of grid connection was intermittent. These systems consist of solar panels, battery storage and a back up diesel generator for when the battery drained. These systems have traditionally been expensive due to the costs of batteries large enough to supply power to the property when needed.


However, just like solar panels, the costs of batteries or ESS (Energy Storage Systems) have been plummeting and ‘going off grid’ has become a serious consideration for urban households as well. As technology continues to create new opportunities for disruption, the prospect of millions of Australian households investing in solar and storage and leaving the grid is actually becoming reality.
For those who’ve already invested in solar and storage, the ‘back up generator’ is not diesel but the mains grid (your neighbours aren’t going to appreciate a diesel generator).

Powervault Global have successfully installed 1000’s of kW of Off Grid systems in remote outback Australia, principally for the mining industry, as well as being involved with bringing electricity for the first time to remote villages in SE Asia. Again, our superior depth of knowledge and expertise can help with your Off Grid enquiries, whether you’re an Outback gold mine or a family of 4 in Sydney.