The Small Medium Enterprise (SME) market segment represents the most dynamic area of solar power installations across Australia, with AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator) registering and commissioning a massive 285mW (1.14 million panels) of installations in 2017 in the 10-100kW range. This range is the SME market. Tens of thousands of small businesses working hard to keep Australia’s wheel turning.

Powervault Global understands the day to day pressures of running a small business and provides money saving solutions to hundreds of different industries from cafes to robotic engineering manufacturers, petrol stations to computer game developers.


We adopt a 360* Value Chain approach to our consultative engagement with your business. We start with research, What are your unique circumstances? and move through to your motives for investigating solar power (usually to save money) and what your expectations of installing a solar system may be, for example, How much will I save? How long before it’s paid off? What are the other benefits? SME scale solar systems are rebated by the Australian Federal Government under the Small Scale Technology Certificate (STC) scheme.

With our no obligation, professional, consultative approach, we try and gain an understanding of what your unique needs and outcomes may be. We explore various financial options available to you, including No Money Down or Landlord Pays options. Any business asset purchase is a big decision and should not be taken lightly, so care is taken to ensure all perspectives of your business are considered.
Powervault Global has extensive experience in providing industry best solutions for small business. Consider the impact to your bottom line if 80% of your enterprises electricity use is free. Free. For 25 years.

We have the experience, the knowledge, the industry leading technology to improve your business’ efficiency, green credentials and bottom line.

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