The commissioning of Large Scale solar systems is a complicated procedure.
So called ‘Greenfield’ projects, that is, finding and utilising land suitable for Utility Scale solar projects is a multi-faceted series of applications and approvals, feasibility studies, council and community engagements.

Similarly, though not as complex, Commercial and Industrial projects also require extensive protocols and procedures before getting grid connected.

Powervault Global has extensive experience in both Utility and C&I Scale solar installations and an innate understanding of the processes involved. Too often we see ambitious and potentially rewarding renewable projects stonewalled due to the contracted installation company’s inability to navigate all the steps involved, costing the client both time and money.


Powervault Global offers a Consultancy Service created especially for larger organisations to explore the feasibility of a large scale solar investment. This comprehensive Service includes all the steps required in the commissioning cycle including:

  • Geographical surveys
  • Liaison with land owners
  • Community and Government engagement
  • Feasibility studies
  • Finance options
  • EPC input and advice
  • Contracting with retailers and distributors
  • PPA negotiation
  • Operation and Maintenance advice