Powervault Global has extensive experience in delivering large-scale solar installations both nationally and into SE Asia.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar installations are sized between 100kW and 999kW and are rebated by the Australian Federal Government under the LGC (Large Generation Certificate) scheme.

Small Medium Enterprise

The SME (Small Medium Enterprise) market segment represents the most dynamic area of solar power installations across Australia, with AEMO registering and commissioning a massive 285mW (1.14 million panels) of installations in 2017 in the 10-100kW range.

Operation & Maintenance

Any solar system is warrantied to perform for a minimum of 25 years. Although solar systems have no moving parts and are reasonably low maintenance, it’s assumed over the span of the systems life, there will be certain performance issues requiring repair and/or maintenance.


The commissioning of Large Scale solar systems is a complicated procedure.
So called ‘Greenfield’ projects, that is, finding and utilising land suitable for Utility Scale solar projects is a multi-faceted series of applications and approvals, feasibility studies, council and community engagements.