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PowerVault helps local businesses switch to clean green affordable solar energy


Canberra’s Sunlight Hours

Canberra, Australia’s capital city, sits comfortably in what’s called Zone 3 for average solar exposure. The city averages between 15-18 megajoules per square metre and averages 4.5 to 5 solar hours per day. Good juice generating conditions.

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Canberra, the nations capital is being transformed into a solar power hub as the Australian Capital Territory is rapidly moving towards 100% renewable energy


Catalina Country Club

The iconic Catalina Country Club has future-proofed itself from rising electricity costs by engaging Powervault to maximise the solar opportunity on its roofs. As much roof space as possible was utilised to ensure the club could get the maximum return of free power for its operations.

Wiffins Premium Green Grocer

Wiffins Premium Green Grocer, as part of their commitment to lighten their carbon footprint as well as shave operating costs, approached Powervault Global. The solution was to install a 99.75kW solar system that will generate approx 125,000kW of free power per year and reduce their green house emissions by around 100 tonnes per annum